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What were your expectations of the value hidden in your data, and how did they influence the design of your solution?: 

The idea for crafting this mobile sales application based on data visualization, began with the idea of “data democratization,” which is the belief that everyone in an organization should have access to data that will help them discover important connections, and thus, make better decisions so that they can be more effective at their jobs. Before our application, when a user had a specific problem or theory in mind, they would contact the owner of the data to ask for specific information to help them start the journey of searching for the right answers. Now with our application, by supplying powerful visualizations of unified data, we are empowering users to make connections independently, which previously would have needed the participation of countless individuals.

Our data visualization feature offers meaning to data by showing relationships between different, unconnected data points. In general, data is a measure of activity, and not necessarily informative. However, by enabling users to visualize key information, we’re allowing them to connect the dots, and discover powerful relationships that finally transform endless data into information that can be used to inform critical business decisions.