LensCrafters MyLook Magic Mirror

What can others learn from how you identified the need for and created your innovative interaction design?: 
As anyone who wears glasses can tell you, shopping for a new pair can be a frustrating experience. Glasses are one of the few purchases that define how you look. But when you try them on in store, you can’t truly see how you look through the plastic lenses of the store frames.
LensCrafters, an eyewear retailer, wanted to help their customers feel more confident in their choice of frames—resulting in fewer returns and a happier customer. And we recognized an opportunity to reimagine what a mirror could do to aid in choice.  
My Look is a custom-built, digital mirror installation designed to shift the paradigm of the eyewear shopping experience. Customers can capture photos of themselves in new frames, and then view them while wearing their current prescription. 
They can compare multiple frames from multiple angles. And can share different looks with friends on Facebook for added validation.
We developed the myLook prototype over a six-month period, leveraging a multi-disciplinary team of designers, copywriters, project managers, UX, technology specialists, industrial designers and store designers. By the end of 2012, myLook was up and running in 23 LensCrafters stores. 
Since it launched, myLook has helped thousands find their look with confidence—leading to fewer returns. Customers no longer have to squint into mirrors to see themselves through non-prescription store lenses. And store associates have a more personal way of breaking the ice with customers. 
Already, myLook is evolving. We’re preparing to roll out at least 50 more mirrors in the coming months. Over the next two years, myLook 2.0 will be rolled out to hundreds of stores coast to coast. The design phase for this enhanced version is currently underway, and includes design alignment with more store types as well as close integration with LensCrafters’ omni-channel goals. Transforming the way people shop for glasses, and what an in-store mirror can do to aid in choice.