What can others learn from how you conceived of and designed your mobile solution or application?: 

This solution was conceived of as a result of a customer journey mapping exercise to uncover the feelings, perceptions and experiences Manulife’s customers were having at each touchpoint. Manulife’s ask was to understand and map the path to purchase as a means to improve the buying process for CoverMe insurance products and to better leverage digital experiences at each stage.

The exercise is a four-part process: discovery, ideation, visualization and recommendations. In the discovery phase, we conducted an online survey of customers and non-customers via the AskingCanadians online research community, a series of one-on-one interviews, and social monitoring. From there, we helped the Manulife team visualize the path to purchase and conducted a full-day stakeholder workshop, which led to a series of recommendations.

To increase brand visibility and convert sales, our team recommended the development of the CoverMe Packing App as a new digital customer experience designed to differentiate the brand.

Customer experience mapping enables brands to gain a comprehensive understanding of their customer’s experience, including all of their interactions with the brand throughout the journey from awareness to post-purchase evaluation, across channels. The process sheds new light on the customers’ path to purchase and help brands to better align their services and offerings with customers’ needs and actions, alleviating their pain points.

Please describe how the concept for your mobile solution or application came about, and what research, information, inspiration, etc. informed it.: 

Manulife Financial wanted to develop a branded utility to increase awareness in its travel insurance category. Manulife’s data showed that a large percentage of purchases made through its 1-800-COVER-ME1-800-COVER-ME phone number were for last-minute emergency travel insurance. Moreover, our review of Manulife’s website analytics revealed that significant traffic to the website was coming from mobile devices—and that number was growing exponentially.

Our strategy and insight team also reviewed trends in the travel industry. One key trend was the use of mobile and social pre, during and after a vacation or business trip. Preparation for a trip and sharing photos were two key insights we drew out of our research. To address these facts, Delvinia recommended a mobile strategy to enable consumers to purchase travel insurance at the last minute and while they are on-the-go.


How does your mobile solution or application take advantage of the unique device capabilities, contexts of use, modes of use, and other factors to create a new and valuable experience or utility?: 

To enhance the user experience, we tapped into the geolocation capabilities inherent to mobile devices. Working closely with the Manulife Financial project team we adopted a customer-centric approach to develop and integrate features that would provide full service to users. We wanted to have the ability to service the app users from their trip planning stage through to enabling them to capture their memories in real time while travelling as they happen.

We also wanted the application to tap into known customer mobile behaviours; therefore we build in the ability for users to share these moments socially with friends and family. In addition to being able to create packing lists and buy travel insurance on-the-go, app users can also utilize the following Travel Journal features:

- An integrated map functionality with search and mobile location services

- Check-in to places while on their travels

- Pin places they’ve visited and add journal entries, including photos and tags of friends

- Share journal entries to Facebook and post their location to Twitter

- Bookmark places they wish to travel to

- Get directions and suggestions of places to visit close to where they are.

The addition of a Travel Trivia Game in Version 1.5 of the app, released in December 2013, further enhances the customer experience. The game allows users to test their travel, CoverMe and world knowledge. And, providing a game to the consumer helps to fill in any wait times during their trip while keeping the Manulife brand top of mind as they directly engage with it.