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Please tell us about your consumer product, and help us understand what makes your product noteworthy or exceptional.: 
EnglishTown is the digital school made by EF to make sure people with the desire to improve their English can do so in a personalised, effective and convenient way.
Starting in 2013, we have started a large re-design project of EnglishTown as a service, focusing on the positive impact this could make in our students' lives. The redesign has touched many aspects of the service. Among the others:
- The consolidation of self-study activities with online group classes and private classes into a 'study plan' that makes it easy for students to know where they are, what is important for their study, and what is their current progress. The introduction of the study plan removed motivational barriers, and helped students understand the course structure;
- An improved design, focused on supporting students in their first few months of studying.
The redesigned service has been launched on web and tablet.