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Please tell us about the difference-making experience generally and how it’s caused positive outcomes, helping us understand what makes this example noteworthy or exceptional.: 
Crafting experience that makes a difference
Our Philosophy
As experience technologists, we believe that technology is the epicenter of all consumer experiences. In our opinion, humanistic approach to computing is going to be the future of experience, irrespective of the trajectory adopted in future.  Hence, any new experience should be created keeping in mind the human desire. Human desires are directly linked to emotions and in order to connect at the emotional level, the technology interface must be natural and appeal to human senses. Technology should be subtle and secondary, and the experience it creates should be explicit and inclusive. This mindset helps us in creating meaningful experiences that make a difference.
Our Approach
With this philosophy in mind, we embarked on a new experiment. On one side, we are stepping into an age of connected world where the gap between the physical and the digital world is slowly blurring. And on another side, we see a paradigm shift in the way we use technology. The need to learn technology to use it is fading and instead technology is learning to adapt to human needs. Today, we are also talking about connecting the last billion people in the planet through technology. These developments are happening in silos and there is an exciting opportunity to shape the future by connecting all these developments to provide a meaningful and unified experience.
How to create a meaningful experience?
As we look at it, creating meaningful and impactful experience consists of three elements
1.Make your environment intelligent so that it can interact with you and participate in your daily life by understanding your context and become intuitive, sensitive, adaptive and responsive to your needs.
2.Make it appeal to all your senses. Multi-sensory experience takes care of inclusivity automatically.
3.Operating it should be as natural as possible without the need to refer user manuals or learn to use. Can we follow the stream of consciousness mode of operating?
Yes, the future of experience lies in combining all these elements. As experience technologists, our passion lies in exploring what defines tomorrow and how we can shape the future and serve our customers, people and society.
We picked a day-to-day object like a table to create an immersive experience combining all the above-mentioned elements. We deliberately picked day-to-day objects because in the human mind it has a defined purpose and people know what it stands for. This eliminates the need for training or user manuals to enjoy the experience.  A table is an object on which you have food, study, work or even play. But what if we can empower it with ambient intelligence, make it multi-sensory and let the user journey be in a stream of consciousness mode? This option showed immense possibilities. This table can be converted into a platform to create various applications be it related to music, travel, games or even a remote control app. To further explain the possibilities of creating such a platform, we created a travel app and a music app on the table.
How it works
Taking a cue from the stream of consciousness technique, we designed a cube to bring the application alive. The cube when placed on the table brings the application alive. The cube acts like a switch and is intended to allow the user to control it. It serves to a subtle human nature- we feel good when we have control over things. We then picked a few daily objects and trained the computer to learn those objects and added contextual meaning to them with the help of machine learning. With the help of a camera placed above the table, table is now able to recognize the objects and understand our context.
With red side of the cube it works like a travel guide. It can suggest nearby coffees shops, places of interest or must see destinations. In our endeavor to keep it simple, we used simple objects like coffee mugs, a toy car and a star shaped coaster to define experience. For e.g., in order to find a coffee shop, you can keep a coffee mug on the table, the table will tell you the nearby coffee shops. If you want to know the route to reach the coffee shop, just keep a toy car on the table and the routes will be highlighted. The star shaped coaster, when kept on the table will provide you with the star ratings of the coffee shops highlighted. Similarly it can show you place of interest or popular destinations, based on your context. Since the application is contextual in nature, there is no specific sequence or order in which you should keep these objects.
Endless Possibilities
We named this new digitized table, ‘Objectable’ as it acts as a platform to create numerous experiences. To understand other possibilities of such a platform, we created a music app which can help you compose music and even record your voice. Contextual meaning was given to various objects and these objects when placed on the table acts as various instruments and produce the sounds of various instruments. These objects when moved can help you change the tempo and also help you record your music. The table is a platform which has immense possibilities. Tomorrow, it can help you control the lights of your house or control your home appliances. By adding contextual meaning to things around you, you can customize your experience.
We displayed the table at various events across the country and left it to the audience to discover how to use ‘Objectable’. Interestingly, the audience didn’t need any explanation or training to use the table. As mentioned earlier, these objects are already registered in our mind, and it is easy to leverage that definition to create experience. The audience played with the existing definition of the objects like table, coffee mug, toy car and coaster to figure out their role in this scenario. We knew that using daily objects eliminates the need for training to experience the creation.
Since the platform is exploratory and multi-sensory in nature, it can be used and enjoyed equally by young and old, male and female and even the differently abled. By creating a platform which delivers experiences that are inclusive and holistic in nature, our endeavor is to connect the last billion in this planet to technology and through technology.