Accessibility | 2013 Award Categories


Digital technologies have evolved to a point where making technological experiences increasingly accessible to people with physical and sensory impairments and those with needs for special modes of interaction is a real and exciting possibility. However, accessibility remains under-adopted as a hard-and-fast requirement for products and services, and rampant fragmentation threatens progress toward universality of accessible experiences. This award recognizes companies, teams, individuals, products, and services that are shining examples of how accessibility can be embraced to create experiential value for users and customers as well as economic value for the creators of the experience.


A complete gaze control system consisting of hardware and customized software that allows users to control a Windows environment using their eyes, the Tobii EyeMobile enables people with limited speech or physical access abilities, such as Cerebral Palsy and ALS, to control a consumer tablet with Windows 8 without any assistance. The judges were impressed with this novel use of eye-tracking technology and with the design of the hardware, which combines the eye-tracking component and a tablet into a single construct that can be mounted to wheelchairs or propped up on a desk.