Bridging Digital and Physical Experiences | 2013 Award Categories

Bridging Digital and Physical Experiences

As microchips have become cheaper and smaller, and as technological convergence has continued to progress, more and more experiences with physical objects and environments have integral digital components. As well, it’s become increasingly possible to design digital systems that can be interacted with by way of physical devices far different from the traditional mouse, keyboard, or touchscreen. This award recognizes compelling examples of bridging the digital and physical realms to create valuable new experiences.


Designed by Lorenz Potthast, the Decelerator Helmet changes a users perception of the real world to slow motion. Inside the helmet, a video-signal is processed by a small computer. The slowed down images are displayed right before the users eyes using a head-mounted display and shown though a monitor on the outside. The judges responded to this as an interesting piece of art and technology, commenting that it caputred the spirit of this category, by using physical and digital experiences to foster reflection and commentary.