Bringing Order to Big Data | 2013 Award Categories

Bringing Order to Big Data

The rate at which data is created and collected never ceases to increase, and the awesome volume of data that currently exists is a theoretical treasure trove for understanding the past and present and for predicting the future. To unlock the value of “big data,” new ways of connecting, interpreting and visualizing massive data sets must be designed. This award recognizes compelling examples of how the design of digital visualizations, interfaces, interaction models, and other user experience solutions have advanced understanding of complex questions.


The team at Roambi wasn't happy with the way that legacy software prescribed exactly how data had to be analyzed and reported, and sought to allow users to unlock the value of their data from multiple database sources, reasoning that the combination of these sources in one interface would make data insights even more powerful. The judges agreed, and were impressed with the overall functionality and interaction design.