Effective Agency Team | 2013 Award Categories

Effective Agency Team

Great experiences originate the minds and combined efforts of effective experience-oriented teams. When a company invests in the design and creation of an experience-driven product or service, the effectiveness of the team is the most influential variable in the reduction of risk and improvement of upside potential. This award recognizes agencies, or specific teams within larger agencies, that consistently design or create effective or exemplary digital experiences on behalf of their clients.


The JUXT team is made up of a diverse blend of practitioners with different personalities, backgrounds, and areas of expertise. "Some of our people come from the information architecture tradition, others come from developer backgrounds, others come from the spatial design, visual arts and film making. The beauty of the team at JUXT is how we complement each other by leveraging our various backgrounds to bring different perspectives to a problem." The judges were won over by specific info about the composition of their team, the premium put on communication, and the fact that they let the work speak for the team online.