Foresight of User Needs | 2013 Award Categories

Foresight of User Needs

This quote from Henry Ford is very familiar to user-centered practitioners: “If I'd asked customers what they wanted, they would have said ‘a faster horse.’” Sometimes the next step forward in technology requires looking beyond what people say they want to find an entirely new way to give them what they really need. This award recognizes digital products and experiences that were prescient anticipations of true user needs, and that led instead of followed their users to new ways of thinking about and addressing a problem or opportunity.


InSites Consulting is exploring new territory in online research communities. Their Consumer Consulting Boards allow companies to build strategic and consultative consumer connections and they connect online with consumers over a long period of time to engage with them through online discussions, bulletin boards, and mobile ethnography. The judges were moved by the amount of information about their process that they share with the community and felt like their approach adds to the body of knowledge of user reasearch.