Innovative Technique or Tool | 2013 Award Categories

Innovative Technique or Tool

More than any other aspect of user-centered practice, there’s striking consistency in the user research and design techniques employed by practitioners and companies. Still, there are opportunities for existing techniques to be improved upon, or for altogether new ones to be devised. Similarly, there's a certain amount of uniformity to the design tools available to experience designers, such as those used to create wireframes and prototypes. Here, too, there is room for improvement and innovation. This award recognizes new or improved research techniques, design techniques, and design tools that have the strongest potential to affect the quality and success of the design of experiences.


Lookback is a new approach to mobile user experience research that simplifies and complements current practices of lab-based testing and complex hardware setups. The judges were impressed with the novel approach to mobile testing—a remote recording tool that uses nothing more than the app itself to track not only the screen but also the touches, face, and voice of the user.