Interaction Design Innovation | 2013 Award Categories

Interaction Design Innovation

Very often, the need for familiarity and intuitiveness in IxD trumps whatever desire designers might have to create unique or innovative interactions. Sometimes, however, unique combinations of platforms, requirements, constraints, user needs, and other factors demand that new interactions be devised or familiar ones be substantially redesigned. This award recognizes specific, designed interactions that thoughtfully and necessarily innovate or depart from convention to contribute significantly to the quality, ease of use, engagement, and/or effectiveness of the overall product or solution.


MyLook is an interaction design innovation created by SapientNitro that allows users shopping for glasses at select LensCrafters locations to try on new frames in front of a special mirror installation that takes their picture and lets them view the images after they put their prescription frames back on. They are also able to share the images with friends on social media to make an informed decision. The judges responded favorably to a genuine innovation that solved a clear problem all while staying in brand.