Interactive Component of an Advertising Campaign | 2013 Award Categories

Interactive Component of an Advertising Campaign

The line between the realm of advertising and those of software and Internet has gotten very blurry, and nearly every major advertising campaign has significant online and/or interactive components. However, many of these interactive components serve the needs of the business and its hopes for how customers might behave much more than they do actual customer needs and desires. This award recognizes interactive components to advertising campaigns that deliver real value, engagement, and/or utility to customers while creatively complementing the other facets of the campaign.


Challenged with helping a small regional brewer, Big Boss Brewing, stand out in and win over new customers, McKinney created the beercade, featuring The Last Barfighter game. With cupholders in place of typical coin slots, players fight three rounds with their opponent, and the last one standing receives a trial-sized pour dispensed automatically from the chilled keg inside the machine. The judges loved the inventive nature of the Beercade that taps into nostalgia, creating a strong brand association and meeting user and business needs in a simple and enganging way.