Mobile Solution or Application | 2013 Award Categories

Mobile Solution or Application

The ubiquity of mobile devices and mobile-platform computing has led to an astonishing diversity of mobile applications and solutions. The quality and usefulness of these is very inconsistent, though, and many are created without sufficient regard to the needs of users and the opportunities inherent to the mobile platforms. This award recognizes mobile applications and solutions that work with the unique device capabilities, contexts of use, and modes of use of mobile devices to expose new and valuable capabilities to users by way of exceptionally well-designed experiences.


Working in collaboration with TfL’s online marketing team and build partner Detica, we are experience set out to create a responsive site that would work on any device and provide a consistent experience—bringing together big data, live updates, and location-based services for the world’s most complex public transport network. A clearly outlined design process that would be very easy to use as a resource for teaching, a solid roll-out strategy, a good system for collecting and synthesizing customer feedback, and analytics to support their story all made an impression on the judges.