Strategy to Execution | 2013 Award Categories

Strategy to Execution

Most new digital products and experiences are created by businesses in pursuit of commercial interests. While meeting user needs may be a key goal in the development of these experiences, the realization of business goals remains the principal driver. But the means by which technology can be used to achieve a specific business goal isn’t always obvious, or the obvious solution might not be the best one. This award recognizes digital solutions, applications, services, and other experiences that represent the most creative and effective translation of a business strategy or goal into a technology solution.


Launched during Milan Design Week in 2012, this project envisioned the future of nightlife as conceived by a cross-disciplinary team of club-going creatives. DDB & Tribal Amsterdam were tapped to help them create a club experience, moving quickly though the prototyping process and creating a bottle that interacted with the club environment. Judges were intrigued by the unique strategic goals and a case study that included process points that others can learn from.