Work Environment for Digital Practitioners - Agency | 2013 Award Categories

Work Environment for Digital Practitioners - Agency

The job marketplace for experience-oriented practitioners is extremely competitive. To attract, retain, and motivate the talent necessary to build exceptional digital experiences, companies must focus and innovate on the environment they offer digital practitioners. This award recognizes agencies that have created outstanding work environments for experience-oriented practitioners that enable them to be productive and happy, and ensures low turnover and strong retention.


"I have a ritual for beginning my work day at DT. First, I slip into my fuzzy koala bear slippers. Then I drink a smoothie that our Manager of Company Culture just made from our weekly CSA delivered fruits … This is my ritual because I work in a space where something like this CAN be my ritual; where openness, comfort, and wellness of self is king." The judges liked that Digital-Telepathy has created an environment that focuses on real, positive outcomes for their staff, and that they believe in living culture instead of planning it.