Work Environment for Digital Practitioners - In-House | 2013 Award Categories

Work Environment for Digital Practitioners - In-House

The job marketplace for experience-oriented practitioners is extremely competitive. To attract, retain, and motivate the talent necessary to build exceptional digital experiences, companies must focus and innovate on the environment they offer digital practitioners. This award recognizes in-house groups that have created outstanding work environments for experience-oriented practitioners that enable them to be productive and happy, and ensures low turnover and strong retention.


Citrix recognizes that their digital creative team solves problems using resources they gather primarily outside the workplace—from books, movies, museums, conversations, and the like. They consider these things as the fuel creative folks need to solve problems and view the work environment they create as a source of that fuel: "It's not just about refilling the creative reservoir, it's also about providing a place that attracts and retains top talent." The judges were intrigued by the WorkAnywhere concept and applauded its full application as opposed to just impromptu collaboration spaces in otherwise-ordinary office environments.