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BU: Assistive Technology - Product: Tobii EyeMobile

What can others learn from the successes and failures of your approach to making accessible experiences?: 

We continuously do beta testing of both hardware and software, in-house at Tobii as well as externally. The external tests are done with users in different countries and we have a very personal contact. In Sweden the development team has ‘buddies’ that test, and in other countries it is typically a sales person that moderates the test with a user.

It is very important for this type of products that the tests are qualitative (rather than quantative), as the target group have very special needs. You might need to spend a whole day with a user to really extract valuable information, asking questions simply isn’t good enough; you need to see how it is being used. Obviously, it is difficult to do a common "talk aloud" test as our users typically have no voice of their own. Sometimes we instead use two devices at the same time, so that the user can test something on one device and communicate with us on the second device.

The selection of test users are done according to the group of end users that we are targeting with the specific product. In the case of the EyeMobile, we target users that want a product that is as close to what their peers use as possible, they want ‘normalcy’. They typically have a pretty good understanding of the Windows environment and they do not need something very rugged, water-proof, etc. The light-weight aspect and coolness is more important for them. We feel that we really hit the spot with this product, and our users’ questions were often related to when they could get one of their own!