Design & Marketing

What can other companies and teams learn from the successes and failures of the way your product, service, or other experience influenced the financial prosperity of the business?: 

Brands4Friends Mobile is a great example of consumer-focused channel’s impact on sales. The success of the application lies in fewer and easier steps leading to purchase and higher conversion rates. For example, the shopping cart is accessible from every single screen encouraging purchase. The application also triggers purchase with smart, useful features such as push reminders at the campaign start date. Integrations with payment systems such as PayPal also facilitate and shorten payment process, decreasing cart abandonment rates.

Please explain how the economic impact of your product, service, or other experience was measured and, if possible, provide specific numbers.: 

The success of the application is visible through solid, quantified metrics such as download numbers, app ratings and order numbers as well as the exponential growth in these numbers. B4F Android initially had 6.000 users. 6 months after the release, the app reached 70.000 unique users. Likewise, iPhone started at 10.000 users and reached 150.000 unique users within 8 months of the release. Brands4Friends currently receives more than 30% of its traffic on mobile, with more than 600.000 downloads on all mobile channels. All these metrics are tracked by tools like Omniture and App Store & Google Play Analytics. High ratings of all Brands4Friends apps are also a clear indication of the apps’ success. Both iPhone and Android applications are featured in Top 30 lifestyle apps and are among the top-rated mobile commerce applications on the iTunes AppStore. (54% 5-stars and 22% 4-stars).

How did you originally establish and generate buy-in for the business value of designing and implementing your product, service, or other experience, and how did its actual performance coincide with or differ from predictions?: 

As one of the largest private shopping website’s in Germany, Brands4Friends was exploring their options for their mobile channel. We developed a strong business case that shows how their mobile channel can perform, drawing on the cases from existing Monitise-powered eCommerce firms We initially forecasted that 10% of B4F’s internet traffic would come from their iPhone offering. The apps went far beyond our expectations by creating 30% traffic. The exciting results drove us to expand our reach by adding an Android client and an iPad client

How has the success of your product, service, or other experience in creating business value affected your company’s experience strategy, project/product initiatives, and other plans?: 

Monitise is a well-established firm that has extensive know-how on banking and finance in the enterprise. Brands4Friends had a different class of needs: A mid-size eCommerce business that is trying to gain traction in mobile. Working with them on this goal taught us to better understand the needs of fast-growing, small eCommerce companies. Gaining in-depth knowledge on the usage patterns and customer expectations, we can now anticipate and manage the expections of other similarly sized eCommerce companies in the same space.