What were your expectations of the value hidden in your data, and how did they influence the design of your solution?: 

We always knew that data was valuable to making key business decisions, but we weren’t impressed with the way other software prescribed exactly how data had to be analyzed and reported. We wanted to allow users to unlock the value of their data from multiple sources and expected that the combination of these sources in an intuitive interface would make data insights even more powerful.

We also knew that data’s hidden value depends on the person analyzing it. For example, when examining website data, the software developer gleans much more from it than a salesperson. A salesperson, in turn, discovers much more from his sales data since it affects his go to market strategy and priorities for sales regions. Knowing that everyone at an organization should have access to the right data to help make better business decision, we built Roambi to connect people to the data that matters most to them.

Finally, we realized that data reporting didn’t have to be a dry and static experience, especially on a mobile device, so we combined multi-touch interaction into our app so people had the ability to interact with it in a manner that was both easy and intuitive. We also learned that certain data benefits from being viewed in one type of visualization over another, so we built our application with 11 different views that can slice and dice data based on what works best for the dataset and how users want to view and interact with it.


Describe the aspects of the design of your solution that do the most to expose meaning in data that would otherwise be harder to discern.: 

Roambi’s multi-touch functionality lets you explore your data with just the swipe of a hand. The numbers are organized beautifully on mobile devices and a simple touch or pinch lets you drill down into key information. The interface enables users to concentrate on what the data actually means, rather than focusing on collating the numbers or creating the graphs.

For example, if you are a business owner looking at store performance in your territory, Roambi provides the ability to instantly pull up a chart that displays revenue figures and immediately pinpoint where it peaks and dips. From there, you can tap the screen to see more information about those numbers – which stores are performing well and which ones are performing poorly? What about specific products in those stores? Personnel and inventory costs? As questions arise, you can easily explore the data for the right answers, and just tap and swipe to learn more about issues affecting your bottom line.

As every business decision maker, from CEOs to store managers and salespeople, need real-time access to current data, Roambi provides engaging data visualizations in a moment’s notice. Your data won’t get lost in an Excel document on your desktop. There is no need for hefty downloads or a call to the BI team. As Roambi is a mobile-first solution, all the information that matters most is easily accessible, right in the palm of your hand.