Door to Door Organics

Product Development/ Dev Team

What can others learn from the successes and failures of how you designed and implemented your company’s approach to CX?: 
  1. Don't fear the flood of user feedback. Early on, we were (or I was) worried that user feedback could be disorienting and demoralizing. In reality, a pattern of clear, actionable feedback always emerges. Also, people are almost nice (even too nice), and it is easy to identify which users are having a bad day!
  2. Understand that you have a small bit of your customer's attention, and they have something specific they're trying to accomplish. They're pragmatic. Chances are, they won't care about what you think is cool, and it might even piss them off if it gets in their way. Respect their pragmatism, divert their attention with great care, and take pleasure in a design that is so "right" that they don't even notice it.
  3. Less is more. No really, seriously, less is more. Everybody knows this, and yet the natural inclination of even the best of us is more, more, more. Take joy in ripping out functionality and design on which you spent so much precious time. Simplicity always wins. 


How did your company articulate and promote the CX strategy that led to the creation of your CX ecosystem?: 

The company mission is "empowering people to eat good food."  With that as our core focus, the leadership and the company culture promote, encourage and drive employees to provide our customers with the best  technology, innovation and variety of organic, local and sustainably produced food.

What changes to leadership, company structure, and/or IT systems were required to enable your CX ecosystem to be created and to succeed?: 

The DTDO Product Development team leverages design thinking, agile and product management principals to be successful in CX.

  • Design thinking: UX design is deep. We don't apply design as if it were icing on a cake. Design is the cake. By recognizing UX and design as essential elements, we build our website for the motivations and delight of our customers. 
  • Agile: Product and UX are part of the tech team at DTDO. We work together in our Agile environment, iterating quickly from design to code based on stakeholder feedback. We all strategize, ideate and execute, rather than creating a separation between idea people in the ivory tower and execution people in the trenches. The trenches keep ideas applicable and implementable, while the ideation keeps the execution inspired and going in the right direction. 
  • Product Management: We approach our website as a Product as opposed to just a channel. In particular, we strive to solve real customer problems with food through the website. The website isn't a shovel with which to bury our customers in food- we want to help them make healthy & delicious decisions, and help them turn those ingredients into great food. With this focus on the customer problem, we avoid design-for-design's sake and create a more compelling CX.


What research and information about customers was used in designing your company’s CX, and how did it influence design process and the outcome?: 

We are continually collecting feedback from our customers. We iterate on suggestions from Customer Service, review data and analytics from user behaviors and conduct regular marketing polls and surveys.

Projects that stem from the Product Devlopment team also include extensive research into industry best practices, technology innovations, and user experience enhancements. We conduct user tests throughout the design and development lifecycle of every project to ensure we are providing a quality product to our customers.

Our research drives our product - ultimately we strive to provide our customers with an online shopping experience that is easy, delightful and supports their healthy lifestyles.

What were the key projects, processes, and other undertakings that went into the design of your company’s CX?: 

Door to Door Organics’ customer-centric approach is demonstrated through our newly transformed online shopping experience that was created by working closely with customers to ensure the relevancy of each updated feature and platform enhancement. The new Shop simplifies how customers discover and purchase organic, natural, and local foods. The redesign further establishes Door to Door Organics as an innovative leader driving the transition from the brick-and-mortar store to the technology-driven food experience. Specifically, Shop offers:

  • Contextual food shopping: Complementary and associated products and recipes create a guided and inspired shopping experience.
  • Personalization: Products are positioned based on historical customer buying behavior.
  • Restock: Simple, intuitive, repeatable solutions for regular customers to consolidate the planning and shopping process. Specific features include “My Frequent Purchases,” Shop by Recipe® and shopping list functionality.


How was the design and implementation of your company’s CX led at a strategic level, and how were you able to get fragmented business units and stakeholders to work together to achieve a shared goal?: 

The company is dedicated to the best possible customer experience online as well as through every touchpoint of the Door to Door Organics shopping experience:

  • Purchasing, Packing, Routing & Delivery Teams: Our focus on quality starts with our farmers and carries through to the people packing and delivering orders, ensuring customers get the highest quality and freshest products.
  • Customer Service: Everything we sell is 100% guaranteed to delight, so we refund customers no questions asked. That pays off: 90% of customers report a high level of satisfaction with the customer service experience.
  • Product Development and CX Team: With the creation and implementation of strategic UX initiatives focused on the customer and backed by technology, user testing and industry best practices, our customers enjoy a delightful, easy-to-use web experience for shopping and meal planning.
  • Marketing: Through email communications, social media platforms, and in-person events, the marketing team fosters community and educates customers to make informed decisions on buying food that supports their health, the community, and the environment


Please share any qualitative, quantitative, empirical, or anecdotal evidence that demonstrates the success of your company’s CX in improving your company’s delivery of service.: 

Currently, 83 percent of customers say shopping with Door to Door Organics is more convenient than other grocery shopping options. The new Shop captures what consumers like about shopping at brick-and-mortar grocery stores, such as a wide selection and helpful product information to make buying decisions, but leaves out all the inconveniences, like navigating crowds and spending an average of up to an hour shopping. The new Shop makes it possible for customers to get their shopping done, on average, in less than 10 minutes.