Equinox Team

What factors, information, research, etc. weighed in the decision to design your experience to be cross-platform, and how did they affect the decision-making process?: 

We spoke with customers that use our products and this was their desire; a consistent experience regardless of the platform.

How did you ensure the unique capabilities, constraints, and modes of interaction of each platform were considered during the design process without losing cohesiveness?: 

We were fortunate to use the QT platform to help facilitate the cross-platform development. The QT platform allowed us to use the same source code on all of our targeted devices.

In what ways did you initially anticipate users would use and move between your product or service on each platform, and how has actual user behavior (if available) affected that understanding?: 

Actual user behavior has been near what we expected. We anticipated a combination of devices to be used in the home and mostly phone use for remote purposes. This is very near actual user behavior.

What value for users did your cross-platform approach add to the experience that couldn’t have otherwise been achieved?: 

It doesn’t matter where the user is in the home or out they have a consistent control experience anywhere they are.