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How did users think about and try to address the problem or opportunity addressed by your solution, and what might have prevented them from understanding their needs in the way you have?: 

Shop floor managers have been solving their most pressing issues haphazardly with existing software that’s outdated. Because manufacturing is a legacy industry, many people think that it can’t and shouldn’t be revolutionized. This mindset trickles down to its workers, who have almost accepted working with software that’s slow, ineffective, and outdated. Currently when a machine malfunctions, everything in the production process comes to a halt, which results in costly downtime until the issue is resolved. Because of their outdated software and mindset, our users simply focused on solving the problem after it happened—as opposed to preventing the issue in the first place. To better solve these issues, users envisioned more functions, features and control, even when this wasn’t their most helpful solution. The Hook & Loop team is going against the industry norm and the legacy industry mindset by developing a simple and useful application that goes above and beyond in delivering on their desired features in a way that is easy to understand and learn.