InSites Marketing Consulting

What can others learn from how you conceived of and designed your solution?: 
Our solution for ‘Foresight of consumer needs’ is called CONSUMER INSIGHT ACTIVATION. At the basis of our solution for consumer insight generation today is digital ethnography. We use online communities, online blogs, mobile applications in our platform to interact with consumers and to gather the right data.
However, as it is in racing, it is the pilot that wins the race, not the car. And the same goes for our solution. We have a dedicated R&D team that has crafted, tested and adapted how we manage these platforms and how we ENGAGE with consumers using these technologies. We recently were recognized for this achievement winning the NGMR Disruptive Innovation Award.
Our core belief is that “What you do to people is as important as what you ask them”. Hence, we rely heavily on task based research and observational methods, especially in consumer insight generation. Because often we need to tap into unconscious behavior, latent consumer needs.
We give some examples below of how we uniquely approach consumer led ethnography
  • Task based moderation: some of the techniques we use are designed to get a 360 view on consumer behavior, habits, frictions and needs : Diaries, parazzi task, Activation / deprivation

  • Consumer dashboard: We have developed a dashboard that contains all the visuals (combined with stories) that have been tagged with the purpose of visual analysis, pattern detection and correlation analysis.

  • Consumer insight validation: Before going into ideation, we have developed a tool ‘Insight validation’. This is a quantitative test that allows client to identify and prioritize winning insights based on a validation with the target group.

  • Consumer inspiration posters: Insight is crucial, but not sufficient. That is why we create consumer inspiration posters that each reflect a consumer insight platform which can act as an ideation springboard in the workshop.

Please describe how the concept for your solution came about, and what research, information, inspiration, etc. informed it.: 

We have always been a digital research agency, so we have always been at the forefront of using digital technology in consumer research. What definitely inspires us is our passion for Millenials research. We are specialized in Millenials research and we have realized many years ago that the rules of the game have changed in order to connect with this generation. We have written “How Cool Brands Stay Hot – Branding towards GenY” – awarded with the AMA-Berry prize for best marketing book of 2012. In the process of writing this book, we have done a lot of research (incl. ethnography) with Millenials. We have implemented a lot of these learnings in our day to day research projects.

What effects have the paradigm change introduced by your solution had on people’s lives, businesses, etc.?: 

Our solution has not only resulted in better research results and knowledge leverage. We also focus on what we call internal leverage (changing people’s hearts, minds and actions). A beautiful illustration of this is our Unilever consumer&U project we did. In addition to generate new insights, the core objective of this project was to increase ‘consumer proximity’ of the global R&D unit of Unilever in Vlaardingen (NL). This video shows the impact we generated with our solution.


What was required to promote user awareness, comprehension, and adoption of your new solution?: 

Although positioned as disruptive in the industry, we perceive our solution as something that developed very organically. As all the components of our solution (technology, research, consulting) are fundamental part of our DNA as an agency, we have internally not experienced this as groundbreaking. In order to increase market acceptance, we always conduct our R&D cases in partnership with our global clients. For our consumer insight generation solution, we have worked together with Unilever, Heineken, Heinz, Air France/KLM, UCB,… Many of these collaborations have resulted in white papers, conference contributions and awards. By being able to publically share our learnings, we also create acceptance in the market in a more organic way.