What can others learn from the origins of, thinking behind, and design of your technique or tool?: 

Software visualization has the ability to transform the entire Software Development Lifecycle. The SDLC has been in place for over 50 years and has not changed much since inception – that is, requirements are gathered and written and signed off on before the business truly sees what the end product or app will look like and how it will work, many times requiring delays in time to market, project overruns and significant rework. On average, 30%+ of all projects fail to meet the business needs. What software visualization by iRise provides the UX designer or BA is the ability to collaborate with all stakeholders and gain approval on a fully functional, high fidelity app or product before a single line of code is written, thus speeding time to market, significant cost savings and the ability to deliver code from the prototype to the development team.

What insights, outcomes, information, etc. does your tool or technique have the capacity to generate or illuminate that might have been harder or impossible to arrive at using existing tools and techniques?: 

Software visualization by iRise provides a full platform capability that allows all users across the SDLC to leverage and utilize the tool from initial design, requirements documentation, change management and the ability to develop working code from the prototype for use by the development team. The ability to visualize software requirements at the beginning of the project have shown to save hundreds of millions of dollars by speeding time to market, eliminating rework and ensuring buy in up front for all stakeholders

How broadly can the results and outputs of your tool or technique be applied, and what are the limits of their validity and applicability?: 

Because software visualization by iRise addresses the entire software development lifecycle, it touches every aspect from upfront ideation, design thinking, requirements documentation, team collaboration, project management, QA and ultimately development. Because iRise has provides a full platform capability, all areas of the organization can benefit from this approach.

Please provide one or more concrete examples of how your tool or technique has positively affected the design and success of a product, service, or other experience.: 

See attached case studies

How might your tool or technique serve as the inspiration or starting point for future innovations?: 

By visualizing before developing, iRise provides companies with the ability to save precious IT spend on new and innovative initiatives. Imagine a company that spends $100M on application development and that on average 30% of the budget is spent on rework because of wrong requirements and buy-in. Imagine saving that amount and using to fund new projects or incubate new business areas, without having to increase IT budget spend to achieve. Also, by visualizing upfront in the process, think how widespread the ability to provide new and innovative apps and potential apps and products can spread throughout a company. If used in the ideation process, from any area of the business, in a consistent way, by leveraging the visualization platform by iRise, imagine the potential for competitive differentiation, speed to market and program/project spend approval.