WalkMe Inc.

Please tell us about your innovative technique or tool generally and how it leads to positive outcomes, and help us understand what makes this innovation noteworthy or exceptional.: 

WalkMe an online guidance and engagement platform that provides UX managers with an indispensable tool to improve conversion rates, promote new and advanced features, increase user long-term value and reduce churn. With WalkMe, UX managers can grab the attention of first-time users to their site, and provide a user experience for them that is simple, intuitive and personalized, an experience that increases user satisfaction, loyalty and productivity. Through a series of interactive tip balloons overlaid on the screen, tasks are broken down into short, step-by-step guided instructions, which help users act, react and progress during their online experience. As a result, UX managers can feel assured that their users will be able to focus on what they want to do on the site, and free from the confusion of how to do them. No more need to click aimlessly, no more frustration leading them to leave the site and never return. WalkMe™ enables to provide a more user-friendly online experience that your users will truly appreciate. Use WalkMe to improve user experience by making your site or app intuitive and easy-to-use for visitors, helping them to be focused or driving them to your desired action. Feel assured that users will be able to focus on what they want to do on the site, and free them from the confusion of how to do it. No more need to click aimlessly and no more frustration leading them to leave the site and never return.

What can others learn from the origins of, thinking behind, and design of your technique or tool?: 

Many times online websites, software and apps are so loaded with content and functionality that some users might get a bit lost, overwhelmed, and worst of all, frustrated. It’s important to remember in this context that sometimes simplicity and guidance is invaluable in creating a user experience that is both personal and well-received, but that also directs the user with visible and clear call-to-actions. WalkMe was developed with an objective that is at once both ambitious and simple – to make websites and software easier to use. Sure, we were far from the first company with this goal. Yet what are hoping to achieve with our online guidance platform is to create a unique level of user or customer experience that is engaging, specific, immediate, intuitive and user-friendly. To act as a GPS for online actions, to “hold the hand”, so to speak, of those who either might be struggling to get to where they want to go. In essence, we aim to free users from focusing on HOW to use a website of software, and to empower them to perform online actions successfully and easily. Whether on an e-commerce site or app, or on a business software, we believe that others in the User Experience sphere can join us in this mission, of creating an online user experience that brings clarity, comfort and ease to users one that increases user satisfaction, loyalty and productivity. In addition, reactiveness is a key element needed in created a great online user experience. A key challenge in creating online guidance is when a business updates their website, which happens quite frequently. Can the walkthroughs adapt? Fortunately, WalkMe’s guidance seamlessly adapts to just about all website updates automatically, without the need for manual adjustments or the need to turn to the walkthrough provider. **One-Click Capture of the Website’s Insides** Like an MRI that sees the tiny changing elements in the brain, you need a smart editor which can - with one click - capture the many variables of the element the walkthrough should work on.

What insights, outcomes, information, etc. does your tool or technique have the capacity to generate or illuminate that might have been harder or impossible to arrive at using existing tools and techniques?: 

When talking about traditional online guidance, one may think of video tutorials, FAQ pages, live chat, even emailing the customer support or web manager – all of these are valid and each helpful in different ways to assist users in performing online actions. WalkMe’s platform, however, has several unique qualities and advantages. First, is the element of speed – users receive immediate assistance in the moment of need. Next is ease of use – there is no need open up a new browser window, or to search for help, or even to request assistance. Users receive direct assistance onscreen, visible and readable in way that graphically shows you exactly what steps are needed to successfully perform any action, no matter how complex. Another unique advantage is that WalkMe “stays” with the user every step of the way until the action is performed successfully. Unlike a format where simply receive a “list” of steps needed to complete the action, WalkMe provides each subsequent step as the user completes each step. Again, think of it like a GPS for driving directions, but in this case performing online tasks. Finally, it’s simple – there is no need to sift through tedious manuals, FAQ pages, or to watch lengthy videos that may or may not answer the user’s specific question. WalkMe provides an interactive and personal experience for each user when they need it most.

How broadly can the results and outputs of your tool or technique be applied, and what are the limits of their validity and applicability?: 

The WalkMe solution is ready to be integrated without any need for coding. The solution support browsing on tablets and enables us to conduct AB testing to identify which walkthroughs work best and how to optimize them. We are able today to display walkthroughs that pertain to the specific user based on any criteria – location, role, language, cash flow, and more. Customers can edit the walkthroughs themselves without requiring additional programming services. The WalkMe walkthroughs (Walk-Thrus™) will still work after inevitable ongoing adjustments and updates that our customers make in their UI, and will not require extra programming. This is crucial for every solution, "its sustainability". WalkMe's guidance will support complex websites that include iFrames, framesets, and cross domain usage. Furthermore, WalkMe can adapt to the corporate "look and feel" without extra programming and coding. The trick in creating Walkthough guidance is to support conditioning, and branching into sub-processes without extra and customized programming. WalkMe does it. We usually don’t share our future plans nor advertise our roadmap publically but we consistently improve our understanding of, and response to, user intent which will make WalkMe even more powerful and ahead of our market.

How might your tool or technique serve as the inspiration or starting point for future innovations?: 

The UX technological breakthrough WalkMe's had made created an industry. Before WalkMe launched in 2012 there was no concept of online real-time reactive guidance. Going back to the GPS analogy, in 2012 people were still using Printouts of Mapquest to navigate by car. 2014 puts us in a position to execute UX innovation in multipul business scenarios whther in promoting online services, providing reactive automatic customer service, or drastically reducing the need for training how to use software, so that people can focus on the big picture and their business and not on operating software.