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What can others learn from how your team is organized and how it works?: 

At akquinet we created a role called "On-site User Experience Consultant" (osUX consultant). The idea is that the osUX consultant promotes a user-centered design (UCD) approach in the project and is always available to all team members for UX related challenges. Development and design can thereby be interweaved very closely and effectively throughout the entire development process. Our Technology Radar displays our UCD methods as well as other methods applied in our projects. 

The introduction of an osUX consultant made our projects more successful. It allows us to identify weak design decisions and control the UX in an early stage. Decisions can be redirected within a sprint and prevent solutions with negative user experience. Furthermore akquinet has a well-established consulting service in which we provide our experience, project know-how and technical knowledge to other IT companies.


How has the fusion of design and engineering benefited your projects, products, services, and the company generally?: 

The osUX consultant provides valuable data about the users to the project team and thereby facilitates their design decisions.

Due to a UCD approach that is brought in and supported throughout the process by the osUX consultant, a higher user acceptance of the software can generally be expected. Labels of e.g. menus are in user's language and sorted by their expectations, the user's workflow is supported, and design principles, e.g. accessibility, according to the user's abilities are included.

The client benefit in two ways: (1) they get supplementary information and visualizations about what is planned by the development team which makes the process more tangible and (2) the client gets the possibility to give feedback, e.g. on design ideas (wireframes).

The osUX consultant with her UCD approach is indirectly taking care of the quality of the software and the overall project workflow from an early stage until the release. Hence the projects with an osUX consultant are less likely to fail. If assumptions are identified as wrong in our agile setting, they can be redirected within a sprint.