Infor | Hook & Loop

What is the composition of your team, and how was that composition determined?: 

Our approach to hiring and composing the team is to bring people together who come from a wide range of backgrounds. Many of us don’t come from backgrounds in software—let alone business software—which enables us to bring a fresh perspective to the enterprise software space. These unique career experiences combined with more traditional software backgrounds give our team the strength and balance to tackle our projects with great efficiency and success.

Please describe the manner and process by which your team collaborates over a typical iteration, feature, sprint, or any other unit of work.: 

Although everyone is involved throughout the entire process, there are distinct phases where each group takes a lead role. We start with the discovery process to understand the requirements and any restrictions that may be involved. Generally, this is where everyone gets to ask questions they think might be relevant. Once we have a clear understanding of the project,  we assign creative leads to oversee three distinct phases: architecture, design, and development.