What can other companies learn from the way you’ve designed and maintained your work environment?: 


Our employees are our clients; we listen to their needs. Huge provides numerous ways for our employees to make requests and share their feedback. We take every request seriously and do our best incorporate them into our work environment and our office space We believe in experimentation and iteration. We aren’t afraid to take chances and try something for as long as it takes to figure out whether it’s working or not. All this results in versatile workspaces that can be easily changed based to suit a plethora of needs. This is achieved by looking for simple, direct solutions.

What are the key aspects of your work environment that make it conducive to productivity and employee satisfaction?: 


We have many different kinds of workspaces with in our office. There is no “ One size fits all” solution. We have created multiple areas that can appeal to all different working styles, so that every employee can find a space that meets their needs at any given time. We have desk seating, standing workspaces, private meeting rooms, open lounge areas, open meeting areas, dedicated presentation spaces, and a ping pong table. Our open floor plan keeps all teams connected visually and promotes a collaborative work environment. We have a clean, simple design style so our employees can feel comfortable customizing their own space without personal aesthetic conflicting with the style. Every space can be a workspace and every space can be a social space. Our culture is fueled by comfortable collaboration, and the environment is designed to facilitate and cultivate just that. 

What challenges and opportunities in creating a positive work environment are unique to user-oriented practitioners?: 


Huge has experienced tremendous growth over the past several years (tripled since 2010). Our biggest challenge has been to manage that growth within our office and obtain and build out new space as fast as we are growing. This is where the versatility of our environment is crucial; when we have a growth spurt, we convert some of our common areas into seating areas to accommodate new employees. Another challenge is coming up with creative ways to accommodate both project based work groups and department based work groups. Many of our employees like to have the option to sit with their project team or their department. We try to meet these needs by providing large, separate team rooms to project teams in addition to the employees’ individual desks.

What measures do you use to monitor and maintain employee satisfaction, both at a group level and an individual level, and how has that affected how you’ve crafted your work environment?: 


Here at Huge, employees have direct access to our offices services team. They are spread out throughout the office so employees never have a hard time locating someone if they need support. Our support team, both office services and IT support, are very attentive and go out of their way to meet all employees’ needs. We also have own internal social network, Honey, that employees use to express their opinions and share feedback about our office amenities, space and environment. And finally, when planning out a new space we host open focus groups made up of employees from every department. We brainstorm and get feedback on everything from furniture to space layout. This ensures that we get every point of view before making any final decisions.

Please provide any employee testimonials and, if available, retention/turn-over data that indicates your work environment is especially healthy.: 


Huge has 725 full-time employees. The average tenure is 1.25 years, but this is because our employee headcount increased 50% over the last two years due to strong growth. Our actual attrition rate is significantly below industry average. We have gathered several employee testimonials via Twitter, which include the following comments: “People about to get trampled over free burritos @hugeinc”; “Things you won’t see at your agency. Someone getting an RC Helicopter out of the lights with an axe. Oh, @hugeinc...”; “Not to be a homer, but I love @hugeinc today”; and “Working late is a lot like date night @hugeinc”. Such tweets not only show employee satisfaction at Huge, but also illustrate the company’s innovative spirit and positive, creative energy. Below please find links to the tweets: