Back to the Roots

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Organic Stoneground Flakes is the first U.S. grown, 100% stoneground cereal on the market. It is composed of only three simple ingredients, but still packs a powerful nutritional punch. Back to the Roots’ Stoneground Flakes provide a better-for-you, better tasting choice for the breakfast table. While industry standards require that whole wheat products need only be composed of 51% “whole wheat flour,” Back to the Roots’ Stoneground Flakes are made from 100% stoneground wheat that keeps the entire wheat kernel intact during the milling process, preserving all the nutrients of the grain that nature intended. And because all nutrients have been retained, the Stoneground Flakes are higher in protein and fiber than other cereals on the market without added protein or fiber additives, which is the industry norm. The cereal is just as remarkable for what it does not contain: chemicals, preservatives, additives, artificial flavors, sweeteners or coloring. Underscoring Back to the Roots’ commitment to sustainability, the Organic Stoneground Flakes cereal is also the first food product on grocery store shelves to list not only the ingredients of its cereal, but of its packaging as well, detailing the type of paper, lining and ink used. Designed using a vibrant primary color palette with definite kid appeal, the recyclable carton is shaped to resemble a gabled barn and includes fun barnyard imagery. By eliminating the conventional bag-in-box, the cereal is not only easy to open, pour and seal, but also has a ten-month shelf life. The carton also reduces packaging by using 18% less paper and 25% less plastic compared to traditional cereal packaging. To further reinforce the natural simplicity of the product, the Stoneground Flakes carton not only lists the percentages of the ingredients, but actually includes a link to the recipe for the cereal should consumers wish to make the flakes at home.