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Telstra Sydney New Year’s Eve 2014 Sponsorship

Please tell us about how your digital media experience has improved the relationship users have with entertainment, games, or news, helping us understand what makes it unique or innovative.: 
As the official partner for Sydney New Year’s Eve (SNYE), Telstra, The Australian telecommunications leader, sought to:
  • Create a signature experience that showcases Telstra’s capabilities and immerses people everywhere in the fun and excitement of SNYE.
  • Generate both customer and public advocacy and, most of all, set out to reposition Telstra as more than just a telecommunications company.
  • Achieve advocacy and consideration through genuine brand engagement with a targeted Gen X&Y NYE audience across Australia and the world.
To truly connect people to the experience, Telstra took two approaches: the first was to relaunch the free SNYE Telstra App of previous years – but this year with ground-breaking new technology; and the second was to create a 4-hour live show from Dawes Point on 31st December.
The app included the following features:
  • Cutting-edge 360° video footage from Sydney New Year’s Eve.
  • The app allowed users to watch jaw-dropping 360° films of stunt pilots flying over Sydney Harbour, live bands performing, and the world’s first drone footage captured from inside the fireworks.
  • Further to this, Telstra gave away 2,000 Google Cardboard viewers; creating an immersive virtual reality experience that put people at the very heart of the action.
  • A live news feed with useful information about venues that are filling, public service announcements and unique content, like celebrity shout outs and video messages.
  • Interactive real-time maps showing the best Sydney Harbour vantage points for the event and everything users needed to know about each viewing place.
  • A 4-hour live show was streamed for those wanting the full Sydney Harbour celebratory experience, which could only be viewed via Live Stream on Telstra the Youtube Channel and through the app.
  • 50 free midnight text messages, which allowed users to preload their NYE messages to friends and have Telstra send them for free at 12am, no matter what network the user was on, so they could fully enjoy their special midnight moment - admiring the fireworks, kissing their better halves or having a special toast with friends and family.  

Through customer research we knew that Gen X&Y audiences were looking for easily accessible bite-sized chunks of content to complement their NYE no matter where they happened to be on the night.
As a result, Telstra’s 4-hour live show consisted of an online broadcast of bite-sized music and comedy segments for world viewers to watch the entire night unfold via Live Stream on the Telstra YouTube Channel and the mobile app to increase engagement with these core audiences.
As well as all of the incredible fireworks displays, the show featured exclusive concert performances by music bands Art vs Science and The Temper Trap, and live appearances by YouTube’s most popular content creators and YouTube superstars Troye Sivan & Tyler Oakley, ensuring a mass global audience.
Telstra’s show is the only live online broadcast of Sydney New Year’s Eve.
How does your digital media experience have the power to fundamentally change the way users interact with digital content?: 
Australia provides a global benchmark for all NYE events. As the first major city in the public eye to host celebrations, there is a very high level of expectation for perfection, with every element under close scrutiny.
To fully appreciate the full impact of the technology Telstra used for the SNYE campaign, we’ll present the results for the app and the Youtube live streamed show separately.
Sydney NYE Telstra app results:
  • Achieved 60,000 downloads (increase from 53,801 in 2013), with no media spend behind it.
  • Included world's first 360° drone footage of fireworks.
  • Australia’s first Google Cardboard campaign for virtual reality experience of 360° content.
  • Close to 167,000 midnight messages were sent through the app.
  • Users spent close to 1 million minutes interacting with the app.
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS - advocacy rating) app survey shows overall NPS at +4 up from -7.3 in 2013.
  • 67 pieces of Telstra branded editorial coverage generated from the app and the drones video footage.
  • 96% positive sentiment across the coverage.
Combined with 2014 Sydney NYE Telstra YouTube Show results:
  • 166,670 views (up from 6,884 from previous years).
  • Engagement time 13.5 minutes (up 3.5 fold from 4:30 in 2013).
  • #TelstraNYE hashtag trended in Australia, New Zealand, the US and Russia.
  • 3rd busiest day on record ever in terms of Telstra mentions on social.
  • Twitter reach of 18 million with 950,000 organic impressions.
The Lord Mayor of Sydney proclaimed the 2014 NYE celebrations the best to date.
“It’s very rare that we get the chance to see the fireworks from a bird’s eye view and we were thrilled to have been able to provide the technology that allowed audiences from across the globe to connect with and experience one of the most iconic New Year’s Eve events in the world.”
Matt McCann – Group Media Manager, Telstra
These achievements demonstrate creativity, quality, cohesiveness, thoughtfulness and leadership in a very public, global event where Sydney and Australia is in the spotlight.
Overall, Telstra’s objectives were exceeded with improved year on year results and truly memorable experiences for its target audiences.
* No drones were hurt during the filming of this spectacular fireworks show.