Please tell us about your innovative technique or tool generally and how it leads to positive outcomes, and help us understand what makes this innovation noteworthy or exceptional.: 
OutSystems provides the enterprise Rapid Application Delivery (RAD) platform that makes it easy to develop apps once and deliver seamlessly across iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Web - deeply integrated with existing cloud and on-premises databases and systems of record.
OutSystem Platform offers an innovative approach to design, creation and lifecycle of modern apps. This approach is visual by nature and allows even non-programmers to create gorgeous UI on top of sophisticated apps leading to amazing UX. The secret is in the model-based development paradigm that is paired with automated build, deployment and feedback. Extraordinarily rich UI is accomplished with drag and drop efficiency by taking the concept of modern UI frameworks (e.g. Bootstrap, Pure, Foundation, Kickstrap) and pulling them into the visual development canvas of OutSystems Platform.
The same ease of creation is extended to data, process and logic so that very sophisticated applications can be created in this low- or no-code approach. These apps are not just a pretty face, but are deeply integrated into existing systems, process and workflow.
Once these applications have been automatically deployed to users, we’ve also automated feedback capture. To nail UX, you have to observe how users interact and allow them to give feedback. Both of these mechanisms are automatically built-in. With UX analytics, designers can understand the interaction patterns of actual users, while also extending the ability for them to provide feedback - directly in the app. If the user gets stuck, thinks of something they would like to see, has an idea for how it could work better - they just hit a feedback button. They are then allowed to markup the screen, add audio annotation, etc and send all context back to design. This closed loop process allows for easy up front creation and long term evolution of UX.
Customer Testimonial: 
"We were looking for a platform that would allow any of our developers to be mobile app dev rock stars.  With Platform 9, even our junior developers can build robust enterprise mobile apps that access device sensors, with complex workflows and deep integration into our legacy systems."  Scott Darrow, Global CTO and CIO with ADEC Group
Customer Testimonial:
“We reduced our development hours by 75% and got to market 3x faster using OutSystems.” David Lightfoot, VP of Product Management, FICO
Customer Testimonial:
“In record time, we used OutSystems Platform to create a system, that supports Lottery operations, unlike anything that exists in the market.”
Jean Lombard,  President, Lapis
Customer Testimonial: 
“We moved from an 'it’s impossible' mindset to a mindset where no one is afraid to ask for new features or solutions. OutSystems Platform was the key enabler in this transformation.” IT Manager from one of the largest privately-held spirits producers in the world.