Honeywell Fire Safety

Please tell us about your mobile solution or application, and help us understand what makes it noteworthy or exceptional.: 
For contractors who manage fire alarm systems within commercial buildings, Honeywell Fire Safety created a set of desktop and mobile applications that make alarm system testing and maintenance a more precise and efficient process, which helps ensure people stay safe. 
The eVance Services offering includes two different applications: Service Manager, a Web-based application for the desktop, laptop and iOS devices that streamlines dispatching, scheduling and maintenance activities; and Inspection Manager, a mobile application that assists in on-site systems testing. The company enlisted user experience agency EffectiveUI to help design both applications.
Service Manager maintains all of the information needed to manage building sites in one easy to use application. Dispatchers can access and update maintenance schedules, receive real time panel alerts and have 24/7 access to information on all fire safety equipment for each site.  All of the information is stored in the cloud, meaning dispatchers can easily update and share details, and are automatically alerted if equipment needs attention or an alarm is triggered. The capability of one system to manage all of this information – versus separate systems for data and scheduling – eliminates 70 percent of duplicative data entry for dispatchers and managers. Technicians can also use the iOS version of Service Manager to see their assignment schedule, find out inspection site details, and generate service orders.
The mobile application, Inspection Manager, allows an on-site technician to more efficiently test all of the fire safety equipment on a site using a mobile device. Previously, a site test required two people – one to test each of the inspection points, and one to watch the control panel to make sure the test was successful. With Inspection Manager, one technician can now walk through the site and test each alarm and piece of equipment. The panel information is connected to the cloud and sends a signal to the mobile app showing the test results in near real-time. The application reduces the chance for errors in testing and creates accurate, professional test reports that users can deliver to their building management customers immediately upon the completion of a test. Technicians can even add photos of system components or areas needing additional attention, to their reports right through the application.
The launch of these applications and the process to get to launch were a true example of the importance of collaboration between the agency design team and the in-house development team. EffectiveUI completed a heuristic evaluation, studying workflows and closely examining the existing back end systems to applying UX design, focusing on usability and task efficiency for each of the critical user roles to ensure that administrators and technicians can get their jobs done easily.
The team identified concepts and patterns to inform the Information Architecture, and then progressed to wireframes and design comps. All along the way, the EffectiveUI design team worked in tandem with Honeywell’s development team, delivering designs at a pace that kept development moving without getting ahead of the interface.
How might your mobile solution or application serve as inspiration or a starting point for future innovations for mobile platforms?: 
A truly collaborative effort, EffectiveUI worked closely with Honeywell’s development team to architect the application workflows for the software system, providing detailed user interface specifications for both applications, and delivering visual designs for each. The EffectiveUI team focused on usability and task efficiency for each of the critical user roles to ensure that administrators and technicians can get their jobs done easily. The level of collaboration and the utility and design of this product serves as a springboard for future innovations, as it demonstrates how when companies' expertise come together, complex problems are solved and in this case, life-saving technologies are produced. 
There are currently thousands of buildings being kept safe because of the eVance Services applications, which have been honored internally within the company with a Gold Life Safety Human Factors Award.