Hawaii Information Consortium

Please tell us about your public sector experience, and understand what makes it noteworthy or exceptional.: 
At HIC, we’ve been bringing government services to the people since 2000. We do this by partnering with more than 90 government agencies in Hawaii, who work with us to bring services online to the citizens of Hawaii. We offer public facing, easy-to-use, always-on internet services, most of which are completed at NO cost to the State of Hawaii or its taxpayers.
Throughout 2014, HIC provided over 23,000 man-hours of labor to our partners at no-cost by leveraging HIC's self-funded portal contract. We also provided avoided cost savings of over $5 million.
Our entry is for the Hawaii.gov website. Designed for mobile and built for touch, speech, and accessibility for all users, Hawaii.gov showcases the very best in Web design thinking. The site allows the public and businesses to re-imagine how they interact with Hawaii government, including having the distinction of being the first site ever to “gamify” government.
Gamifying Government
In 2013, Hawaii set a new standard for state websites by delivering the most striking changes and groundbreaking enhancements to a web portal in recent history. Our shift was to a dynamic, living, breathing portal that made distinct connections between government, data sets and information, all while being free for all to use, hack and build on to make new connections between Hawaiian citizens and their government.
In 2014, we upped the ante with another first of its kind:  the gamification of government. We believe that the future of government lies in personalization. What if, instead of forcing citizens to search for what they need, we only highlight what is directly relevant to them? With the promise of 'Your Government - Your Way,' we launched a personalized addition to Hawaii.gov – my.hawaii.gov. Leveraging the existing Hawaii.gov architecture and integrating our Single Sign-On system, my.hawaii.gov integrates with 7 of the 17 departments and includes a rich history of all business conducted online with the state.
mySavings, a service within my.hawaii.gov, demonstrates the benefits to citizens of conducting their business with the government online by creating awareness around the amount of paper, miles and time saved. It even gives helpful, Hawaii-centric tips for what users can do with their newfound time! See it at: http://m.hi.gov/win
Hawaii.gov Highlights
Hawaii.gov represents a fundamental shift in thinking, away from the idea of a government website being essentially a directory of links. The shift was to services that makes unique, distinct connections between government, data sets and information, while being free for all to use, hack and build on to make new connections between Hawaiians and their government. Hawaii.gov is no longer a portal destination, but rather, government as a platform.
Our vision for a Hawaii.gov was a platform that is, first and foremost, designed for mobile and tablets. Designed for touch, speech, with full accessibility for all Hawaii citizens, Hawaii.gov showcases the unique cultural heritage of Hawaii and is a visual experience that truly reflects Hawaii.
Responsive, web first design drives our write once, view anywhere approach. The portal was built to be the beautiful, sty-namic ambassador of Hawaii to the Internet. It provides rock-solid performance because it is rebuilt from the ground up every 15 minutes (when there is a change to propagate). We leverage text, SQL, JSON, RSS and ATOM data sources for our content. Git is our source repository. Markdown, a lightweight markup language, provides the functionality to combine the dynamic data sources, our Liquid templates and static content. We employ Jenkins, an open source continuous integration tool, to re-generate the entire site with updated data feeds every hour or on demand by invoking Jekyll to stitch everything together into a static HTML5 website.
Our search is 'supercharged' - that is, we include multimedia search results, pre-programmed results for the most popular search terms, and a predictive search that pre-populates common search terms based on the first few characters typed.
Known for our diverse culture, translation exists to make it easier for visitors and locals alike to understand everything the website has to offer. Our Near Me service uses geolocation to display what is close by you, allowing visitors to find government offices, EV Stations, Farmers Markets, and more.
Hawaii.gov is also driven by feeds, consuming its own public API to build pages. We hope others will build and "slice and dice" the new Hawaii.gov into new ideas, apps, and services. We built a developer section (portal.ehawaii.gov/page/developers) to encourage the use of both our own datasets and those published at data.hawaii.gov.
Leveraging open data, not only do we publish datasets on data.hawaii.gov, but we have departments creating data, publishing it for the public, then re-consuming that data as applications/visualizations on their sites.  An example includes the Electronic Vehicle Charger Database (energy.ehawaii.gov/ev).
To help citizens stay connected to their government, we offer 269 social media pages, 105 online services, 1,200+ twitter followers, a Flickr photo pool, and 28 YouTube videos. http://portal.ehawaii.gov/page/trending/
For fun, the design adjusts based on your local time of day, changing at 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM for day and night ambiance. We also created the error page of Armageddon -portal.ehawaii.gov/404 and a secret konami code.
Hawaii.gov and my.hawaii.gov are a joint effort brought to you by the Office of Information Management and Technology (OIMT), Hawaii Information Consortium, LLC (HIC), and the State of Hawaii Information and Communications Services Division (ICSD).